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There's More to Old Lincoln
Than Billy the Kid!























Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear and experience the adventure of the Old West with Social and Cultural Historian Jack Shuster.



Drive and walk with Billy the Kid through a quiet one-street village, frozen in time on our Old Lincoln Living History Tour.  Learn about the Apaches who were there first, the earliest Hispanic settlers and why they came and how they lived, and why Fort Stanton was established. The tour also includes visiting historic sites such as the Torreon, San Juan Church, Tunstall Store and Murphy-Dolan’s historic “House” which later became the Courthouse, along with many other structures that help tell the story of Lincoln.

New Mexico History Tours participants will stroll in the footsteps of John Tunstall, Lawrence Murphy, Sheriff William Brady, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, and other famous and infamous characters.




The cost of Living History Tours of Old Lincoln are just $20 per person. The minimum cost for a tour is $100.


To join us on a Living History Tour of Old Lincoln, email or call (575) 257-8593.











































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